9X Media’s 1-Touch™ Digital AV Media Control & Automation
AMX, Crestron and iPad compatible, the 9X 1-Touch hand-held AV Digital Controller is easy automation and control at your fingertips.

9X Media’s 1-Touch intuitive user-friendly handheld controls a myriad of technologies.

The 9X 1-Touch hand-held AV Digital Controller is a Custom Programmed & Designed Automation Tool easily scheduling and manageing Video Walls, Media, Sources, Switching & a host of peripherals and facility conditions – all at your fingertips.

9X Media’s 1-Touch controllers are customized with intuitive interface so that anyone can control and automate their ever complex environments ranging from secure network operations scenarios to intense home automation.

9X Media’s 1-Touch Controller is iPad compatible, custom designed and programmed.

The 9X 1-Touch solution is based on user’s needs today and easily scalable into the future. Our digital media switchers and video wall controllers enable easy AV and peripheral control and automation of any environment with flexible and forward thinking user interface and custom programming controlling multi-format inputs, video switching, transcoding, scaling, content distribution, audio mixing, amplification and a host of room controls including lighting, temperature and peripherals.

By utilizing a clearly intuitive interface – custom programmed and designed by 9X – you are in control of an infinite number of devices including: video walls, multi-screen workstations, lights, room dividers, HVAC, temperature, awnings, drapes, projection screens, automatic doors, entry access and more. Further you choose and can automate inputs and outputs including DVDs, Blu-Ray, Internet downloads, presentations, teleconferences, digital media and audio to begin at preset times, volumes, lighting and layout levels.

"The controller is concise and intuitive. It just takes minutes to train a shift. We are very happy with the remodel"

-- Ty Shepard, MAJ, IN, Deputy J33, California National Guard.

9X Media’s 1-Touch Controller in action managing sources, inputs, workstations, satellite feeds, sound, lighting, secure and unclassified data, peripherals, laptops and more.

1-Touch – Secure – Password protected access to multiple levels of control and security permissions including SIPRNet and NIPRNet protocols as well as permission based actions.

9X 1-Touch handhelds and touchscreens are designed in various functionality levels ranging from basic day-to-day scenarios for Level 1 users on through more complex password protected secure functionality based on user access level authorization and password protected.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

9X Media’s installation and programming session for NASA headquarters in D.C. Applications will include both public and private viewing of mission critical digital data with real-time interaction.

See the NASA DC installation video: 9X Media on YouTube     Get the Brochure

9X 1-Touch Digital Media Switchers and Controllers combine and integrate all of the components you need to control and automate any environment via a simple, flexible, comprehensive solution including control, multi-format inputs, video switching, transcoding and scaling, local and remote distribution, plus audio mixing, and amplification - all at your fingertips with 9X Media’s 1-Touch handheld.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

9X Media’s 1-Touch AV Video Wall Digital Media Switcher & Operations Center Controller enables complicated conference room scenarios such as NASA’s Cape Canaveral Facility, Air National Guard, Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, Emergency Response, NOC monitoring, 911 Call Centers, among others.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

Applications include: Business, Education, Government, Network Operations Centers, Residential, Healthcare, Hotels, Retail, Houses of Worship, Entertainment, Broadcasting, Board Rooms and complete Building Scenarios.

Background: 9X Media designs and manufactures hardware and software capable of remote control of a wide variety of equipment.

Applications include room automation in command & control solutions (NOCs, JOCs, SOC’s and fusion centers) corporate boardrooms, auditoriums, museums, and digital signage where wired and wireless touchscreens and remotes to control devices such as video projectors and displays, PCs, DVD and VCR players and recorders, cameras, teleconferencing systems, audio/video switchers and processing equipment, motorized projection screens, drapes, lighting, HVAC systems, and a wide variety of other types of equipment.

9X provides custom user interface design and programming enable functionality and interface to be reconfigured with 1-Touch intuitiveness, for a straightforward approach to diverse and complex scenarios.

Custom Designed Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs Today and Scalable into the Future: Contact us to see how we can help design, program and install a complete solution for you demanding smart room needs. 1-408-399-2299 or email: sales@9xmedia.com


Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients