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9X Video Wall Smart Room Solutions include: Video Wall Displays, Servers, Software Preset Shortcuts, Hand-Held Controllers and 9X USA Made Smart Multi-Screen Desks, Furniture, Workstations and Interactive Podiums. Buy a La Carte, Bundled or a Full 9X Installed Solution!

9X Media, Video Wall Servers, Controllers, Multi-Screen Displays and X-Wall Video Wall Displays empower a variety of applications:

  • Command & Control, NOC Solutions
    • Traffic & Transportation, Air traffic management, Avionics, Defense & Security, Industries & Processes, Process control
  • Aerospace, Research & Exploration
    • Simulation & training, Energy/Power/Water, Oil and Gas, Aerospace Communications
  • Digital Signage / DOOH – Digital Out of Home Advertising / Mass Communications
    • Branding, Broadcast, Media & Entertainment, Digital cinema, Events, Leisure & entertainment, Out-of-Home Media
  • Personal Productivity / ROI & Collaboration
  • Corporate Communications, Education, Information, Entertainment, Edutainment
    • Corporate AV, Teleconferencing, Internal Communications, Processes, Marketing, Tradeshow Education & Training, Edutainment, Higher education & universities, Casinos, Sports Events, Church Applications, Virtual Reality
  • Situation Monitoring, Emergency Preparedness & Emergency Response
    • Public transport management, Road traffic management, Infrastructure & Utilities, Port & waterways management, Telecom
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